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Classes are for students enrolled at at Day Campus or at Kingsway Childcare and Learning Center.

Enrollment is simple, convenient, and flexible. You can join at any time. The total cost is $40/month for daycare classes. If you join in the middle of a month, the cost is prorated.

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Kindermusik nurtures every part of your child's development--from social skills to pre-math, and from literacy to music to coordination.  From birth on up it provides a foundation of life skills.

Every Kindermusik unit comes with Digital Home Materials, downloadable to as many devices as you wish. These materials extend the learning that occurs in each Kindermusik class. Kindermusik will help you, your child's first and most important educator, to prepare your child for success in school and life.

Contact Ann to arrange a free preview class.

In a secure environment with an attentive parent, the most important things you can give your child, things that will make a positive, life-long difference in intelligence, are early, consistent exposure to music and early, consistent exposure to reading.

About Ann:  Ann Durden has been an educator for over twenty-five years and holds master's degrees in both linguistics and in communication.  Ann is in her sixteenth year of teaching Kindermusik and her fourteenth year of teaching preschool music. She also holds an Orff Level I certification.

Her own two children are Kindermusik alumni.

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